Required Documents 1 Original Certificate of Origin & 1 Original Commercial Invoice
Approximate Turnaround Time Please Call

PIDC Fees 


Based on the Total value of Commercial Invoice.

See Pricing below:

$1.00 $4,121.00 $295.00 + Handling Fee
$4,122.00 $27,473.00 $432.00 + Handling Fee
$27,474.00 $68,681.00 $844.00 + Handling Fee
$68,682.00 $274,725.00 $1,531.00 + Handling Fee
$274,726.00 & OVER PLEASE CALL


Additional Document Fees Based on the type of document, to inquire the rates please call our legalization team at 1-800-626-3924
Document Delivery Please send your documents via email at
When sending documents via Email, please do not Notarize or Chamberize the documents. You can also send the documents to our Houston, TX Office or can also request for a pickup service in the cities where we have our offices.
*All prices are subject to change without notice.
Times are approximate and NOT guaranteed

Country General Information:

LANGUAGES: Arabic (official), English commonly used as a second language
EXPORTS: liquefied natural gas (LNG), petroleum products, fertilizers, steel
IMPORTS: machinery and transport equipment, food, chemicals
CURRENCY: Qatari Riyals (QAR)

Other Information:

For more detailed statistics about the country, please visit World Fact book  and for other travelling information and warning please visit and U.S. State department, Consular section